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Summer Cocktail: Floc-Tonic with red Floc de Gascogne

This cocktail is ideal for summer! In general, to try it is to adopt it for the summer aperitif in our dear Gascony! His secret? Paired with schweppes, the fresh red Floc de Gascogne turns out to be sparkling and lemony to complement its fruity aromas!

The cocktail with Schweppes which revisits red Floc de Gascogne with freshness!


Ingredients for 1 glass of cocktail:



  • Place the ingredients successively in a glass.
  • Serve chilled or with ice cubes.



Put ice cubes in the glass before adding the Schweppes.



The lemon brings a touch of acidity which contrasts with the fruit aromas of Floc de Gascogne..