Wine tourism and visits to the most beautiful wineries in the vineyards of Gascony

Gascony is a rich and varied territory, which you can discover by exploring its vineyards during a wine tourism stay, or simple curiosity visits to our dear Floc de Gascogne producers.

The magic of Gascony

Coming to visit this territory means going to meet the ocean, the mountains and in the middle of a hilly area where grapes are produced that make happy people sing. To understand the magic that transforms grapes into elixir, you have to enter a cellar and discover a century-old universe through all the senses.

What to expect during a wine tourism visit to a Floc de Gascogne producer?

The winegrower cultivates all his know-how in his winery and preserves the aromas of times gone by. Like a library, you can go back to forgotten years, but whose oak barrels have kept all the secrets!

Reserved territory of Armagnac, the winery is one of the hearts of the Gascon estate . If the winegrower then invites you into his cellar, do not panic, this is not an esoteric visit to continue the visit to the past, but rather a return to the present to taste the products of the vine, Floc, wines of Gascony and Armagnac.

As you will have understood, visiting the winery and even the cellar are essential parts of Gascon wine tourism. Some estates will offer you a walk in the vineyards, another unmissable part of your visit to Gascony.

The producers of Floc de Gascogne invite you to visit their winery and estate.