How is Floc de Gascogne made?

Floc de Gascogne is a question of tempo. A three-step waltz.



In the Floc recipe, there is 1/3 Armagnac. It is at the heart of the tempo.

The winegrower harvests the white Armagnac grape varieties with a view to distilling them. Red grape varieties are never distilled because their tannic capacities would give a very astringent brandy.

This wine made from white grape varieties is distilled shortly after the harvest. It is kept in inert stainless steel tanks for a year so that it does not age.


Grape juice

Second round of harvest. This time the winegrower picks up the white grape varieties for the white Floc de Gascogne , and the red grape varieties for the red Floc de Gascogne .

The white grape varieties are pressed to obtain the must , that is to say unvinified grape juice.

The red grape varieties, in order to obtain a color , are bled and macerated before extracting the juice.

These musts are placed at the bottom of a tank to fill it 2/3 full. The young Armagnac from year 1 is then delicately mixed with the grape must so that they blend perfectly. This step is called mutating.

The Floc de Gascogne is thus kept in these vats for a few months before its marketing which is March 15 of the year 3.

What are the grape varieties of Floc de Gascogne?

Are you wondering what the composition of Floc de Gascogne is? The grape varieties found in white Floc de Gascogne are mainly Ugni Blanc , Colombard and Gros Manseng . The grape varieties in red Floc de Gascogne are mainly Cabernet franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot and Tannat .
l’Ugni Blanc
le Colombard
le Gros Manseng
le Cabernet franc
le Cabernet Sauvignon
le Merlot
le Tannat


of Floc de Gascogne

As you will have understood with all these steps, the hand and choices of the Floc de Gascogne producer influence the final product. What grape varieties did he choose for the young Armagnac, what grape varieties for the must, at what point in the maturity of the grapes did he harvest, at what point in the maceration did he begin the mutage…?

All this richness and complexity are found in a bottle of Floc de Gascogne. It is this know-how that gives the aromatic richness and this bouquet of unique sensations.

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