Floc de Gascogne

An aperitif with character, in the colors of Gascony!

Le Floc, a journey through history on its lands of Gascony

Discovering Floc de Gascogne, AOP and AOC, is like taking a journey through a territory and into history. Follow us to the heart of the Gascogne Armagnac Vineyard to explore a thousand-year-old past and unique wine-growing traditions. In a three-step waltz, you will be knowledgeable about the ancestral making of Floc.

Le Floc, White or Red: a memorable tasting experience

To find out everything about how to taste Floc de Gascogne in the best conditions, follow our 3 tips! And if your heart is torn between Floc White or Floc Red, we reveal all the subtlety of their aromas to decide between them… or adopt them according to your desires and the seasons!

floc-de-gascogne-blanc-home floc-de-gascogne-rouge-home

A wine tourism destination
with our Floc de Gascogne producers

Visiting the Gers, the Landes or Lot et Garonne, take the time to take a route through our hilly vineyards, passing through Bastide villages with a view of the Pyrenees to meet our Floc producers !
Because Gascony is experienced by meeting the Gascons, their art of living and their warm welcome, don’t miss out on visiting the family estates who will share their love of Floc de Gascogne with you.

Irresistible cocktail recipes with Floc de Gascogne

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