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White Sloc

Ingredients for 1 cocktail glass:

  • 4 cl of White Floc de Gascogne AOP
  • 5 cl of white beer
  • 1 cl of peach cream
  • A dash of gingerbread syrup
  • A splash of lime juice
  • 1 slice of orange (decoration)


Place the ingredients successively, add the beer at the end, then a slice of orange as decoration. Serve chilled or with ice cubes, by the glass or in a carafe. Then enjoy with some tapas!


Buy craft white beer if possible.

* SLOC is an invented word which comes from the contraction of Slow Tourism and Floc de Gascogne referring to a land of gluttony and happiness but also to the Gascon name Floc which means bouquet of flowers..