Ça bouge au Floc !

Curieux de savoir qui se cache derrière le Floc et fait de la Gascogne une terre bien vivante ?

Producer of Floc de Gascogne in Mézin

Interview-portrait of La Ferme de Gagnet

Tell us about your field

LA FERME DE GAGNET is located on a 22 ha farm (including 10 ha of vines and a duck farm), located in the heart of Gascony in the commune of Mézin in Lot-et-Garonne, on the border with Gers .

Once there, you will be welcomed by Marielle Tadieu, who will introduce you to her several award-winning Floc de Gascogne and her whole duck foie gras.

Marielle has a passion for vines and making floc, she also likes to prepare cooked dishes, local delicacies. Surrounded by 2 equally dynamic young women, she successfully completes her crafts.

What sets your Flocs apart?

Our white floc is a delicate balance between the power of eau de vie and aromas of flowers from the Gros Manseng, Ugni-Blanc and Colombard grape varieties.

Our red floc (regularly a gold medalist at the agricultural show) is a delicacy, composed of powerful red fruits on the nose and palate, Merlot Cabernet for the grape varieties.

Where can you find your Floc?

We sell property all year round. We make deliveries to the Paris region, the North and Brittany once or twice a year. We sell floc de Gascogne in Bordeaux producer stores and in the 47.

Do you organize visits to the estate?

We organize visits and meals on the farm. It’s interesting for visitors to understand how our versatile structure works while tasting our products. Our farm has 2 activities: breeding/feeding of ducks (with cannery on site), and vines (9ha/cellar.)

There are also 2 gîtes, one for 4-5 people, and the other for 6 people. Coming and staying here is an invitation to discover the joys of life on the farm!

What are your projects, your current affairs?

We have just received our 4th prize of excellence in the mistelle category! It is a reward awarded after obtaining medals, the one with the best average over 3 years is the prize of excellence.